To Travel is to Live.

“Love many, trust few and always paddle your own canoe.”

American proverb for being kind, but not naive, and to take responsibility for oneself.
“Don’t go chasing waterfalls, Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to”… or do! Do go chasing those waterfalls; the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to will still be there when you get back!
Often it isn’t about the destination, but the journey that takes you there.
“The bare necessities of life will come to you.” – Rudyard Kipling

Welcome to The Scenic Route… A space to share my travel adventures with you!

I’m Lucy, a newbie world-traveller and an aspiring photographer. My new blog The Scenic Route is a way to publish my stories and track my adventures over the next few years (or more!).

I’m hoping to gain followers and connect with like-minded travellers to share some awesome experiences with on the road!

Where did my adventure begin?

I’ve always had a passion for travel. Whether I was going on holiday with my family, exploring my neighbourhood with childhood friends or trips away with school, college and later university.

Travelling allows us to experience parts of the world we don’t tend to think about in everyday life. We meet new people, see different landscapes, experience unique cultures, and the best part? Taste some of the most amazing foods across the globe!

I can’t say what my favourite way to travel is. I love travelling with my mum as we have a lot in common, travelling with friends is an opportunity for fun, and I even enjoy travelling to new destinations on my own. One thing is for sure though, I like to take my time in getting to know a place and see what the local area is about.

There’s nothing worse than exploring a new city or town like a bull in a china shop, and missing the opportunity to relax and reflect on what you want to achieve from your trip.

So, what do I want to achieve from my trips abroad? To experience a new style of living, meet the locals, try the cuisine and find some mesmerising beauty spots!

Adventures Past

Although I’ve started this blog at the ripe old age of 26 (nearly 27… eek), you will find posts about some of my most memorable adventures growing up. Thanks to modern technology, I have hundreds of old photos saved from earlier years.

Most of my travel up until this point was to European destinations, and I’ve had some amazing adventures here at home in the UK too. My adventures past will tell some of these earlier stories about places and people who have inspired me to travel today.

Adventures Present

So, what makes a 27 year old graduate and English Teacher suddenly decide to write a travel blog? Well, to make it simple, I love to write and I love to travel. Don’t get me wrong, university assignments were never my jam but when given the opportunity to tell a story or speak my mind, I’m not one to pass the baton to someone else.

I recently returned to London from a year working in Vietnam as an ESL teacher. I was taken aback by the (what seems like) hundreds of stories I read from other travellers while I was on the road. I read blog posts from people of all ages, travelling across many different destinations, who all had at least one thing in common… a love for travel.

My time in Vietnam was incredible. Despite being caught up in the Covid-19 pandemic, I met some life-long friends and came home with some unforgettable memories. I feel inspired to keep on writing, and want to be able to look back one day and relive these experiences. This blog is a way to capture those memories, and offer encouragement to other people like me who want to create similar experiences for themselves!

Adventures Future

What does the future hold? Honest truth… I’m not sure. Who is?!

The world is currently in the midst of a global pandemic and the UK seems to be in the epicentre of the chaos unfolding around covid-19.

A year from now my aim is to be back in Vietnam working as an English Teacher in a public school, experiencing life in the South of the country, with a view to moving on to other parts of South-East Asia from Saigon.

I’m not holding my breath for this to happen in the next few months, maybe not even for another year… so what better time to start writing about my travel experiences so far!


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